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Sports Injury Clinic

The Melt Sports Injury Clinic deals with all kinds of injury and ailment that has been brought on buy sports or physical exertion.  This differs from normal massage as it is more centred on the specific area that has been effected and is also more focused on the muscle healing process, rather than general relaxation and well being. 

Sports massage can also be used as a precautionary measure, as it improves the health and quailty of your muscles.  Massage therapists can identify areas of tenderness that if left untreated would result in injury.


Melt Sports Injury Massage Clinic offers...

 Physiotherapy, which combines both neuromuscular therapies and deep tissue massage.  This would also incorporate more interaction with patient to ensure over all mental well being

Sports Massage, treatment for specific sports and everyday injuries, as well as pre/post event massage

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2 Temple Lane South, Dublin 2
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