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2 Temple Lane South, Dublin 2

Melt Natural Healing Centre

Melt Natural Healing Centre is based in 2 Temple Lane South, Dublin 2.  Melt was created by Michelle Magill, a therapist and former Fine Art student of NCAD, Dublin.  Due to her training in sculpture, she has an understanding of the human body and the emotional and physical problems that it can experience.  She aims to heal these problems through a range of services including massage, polarity therapy, acupuncture, herbalism, yoga, reflexology and more. 

Michelle personally selected her Melt team of fourteen therapists so that she could bring her vast array of services to the public. Melt have physiotherapists and physical therapists on their team as part of their sports injury clinic. 

Melt stock only the finest homeopathic and natural healing products.  Staff in store can advise you on products, and specialist advisors are available for more help should you require it.  Melt stocks reputable brands such as Napiers, Dr Haushka, Burts Bees, Aveda, Yonka and many more.  As well as these products, Melt also stocks Chinese herbs and employ an in-house herbalist who can advise you on herbals teas that can assist in combating stress and many other conditions.

Melt offers a complimentary herbal consultation in which you can discuss treatments with the acupuncturists and herbalists and Melt Clinic is covered by VHI, BUPA and VIVAS.

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Massage Therapists

Among the services that Melt offer, massage therapy is high on the list.  Massage is the manipulation of both to more visable and also deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to aid in the healing process and enable relaxation.  It is also used as a method of enhancing well being.  There are several massages available from Melt trained professionals such as...


Back Massage, a tension relief massage that can last for 30, 40 or 60 minutes

Backs To Go, a fully clothed massage that takes place in a special chair

Chinese Head Massage, which ucupressure to sooth and relax

Deep Tissue Massage, a more intensive, deep massage for muscles

Full Body Massage, a Swedish massage for relaxation, tension and sore muscles

Head, Neck and Shoulders, 45 and 60 minute sessions

Hot Stone Therapy, uses heated basalt stones and oil to work deep in the muscles

Lymphatic Drainage, a light, detoxing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system

Indian Head Massage, focuses on head and neck to reduce tension and headaches

Polarity Therapy, a holistic therapy that works on many level

Pregnancy Massage, from 12 weeks on

Reiki, full clothed treatment for a grounded body and mind

Tuina Massage, Chinese acupressure thats great for energy boost

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2 Temple Lane South, Dublin 2
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